This Webby Award-nominated project was a collaboration between Microsoft, Listen and 4th Floor Creative, to bring the music video for NAO's 'Orbit' to life.

NAO's choreographed dance routine was motion-tracked with an Xbox Kinect in Microsoft's studio in San Francisco. The motion-tracking data was used to create a dynamic and interactive video, in which NAO and her dance partner appear as clusters of stars while performing the dance. A machine learning algorithm was then created to identify the shapes of star constellations in the dance's movements.

The video was placed into an online experience, in which users we asked to enter their date of birth, and the constellation of their star sign would be highlighted within the interactive video. Users were also given control of the colours in the video, and could share custom assets from their experience to various social media platforms.

NAO Orbit interactive video in browser

NB: Unfortunately this experience is no longer available online