Hi, I'm Lewis Donovan.

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I'm a tech consultant based in London.


"What is it you do again?"

Software engineering

I have 13 years' professional experience as a full-stack software engineer, with several years experience working across both conventional and modern web technologies and techniques, including TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS, React (Native), Git, Docker, MongoDB, SQL, GraphQL, REST APIs and many more.

Solutions architecture

I have many years' experience with defining and architecting solutions that fit the most complex of business and user requirements. I'm fluent in all modern cloud, local and server environments, and am able to quickly match the available technologies to best fit the needs of a given project.

Tech consulting

Got a great idea but don't know how to bring it to life? Not sure what kinds of skills you need to hire in order to realise your vision? Need help figuring out if your concept is technologically viable? I can guide you through the often inscrutable process of getting your product from paper to post-launch.

Technical leadership

As an experienced CTO, Engineering Manager and Principal Engineer, I'm perfectly placed to build teams, run sprints, handle code reviews, mentor programmers and identify future leaders. If you need battle-hardened technical leader to galvanise your team, drop me a line and let's talk!