I’m a web developer based in London, UK, creating awesome stuff in the digital space. I have 11 years' professional experience as a full-stack web developer, and a total 17 years' of professional experience across various industries, including tech, music, events and media. In that time, I've been fortunate enough for my work to have been nominated for two Webby Awards, and a Clio Award, winning one of each.


For my day-job I'm CTO and Co-Founder at SonX, a new platform that puts powerful Web3 and community tools in the hands of musicians, redefining their relationship with their fans and rewarding them in the process. My previousl role was Lead Web Developer at Sony Music UK.


My approach to technology is firmly rooted in the needs of the end-user. I believe that any solution should be so intuitive and seamless that it feels like a natural extension of the user.

For this reason, I traverse multiple languages, stacks and frameworks, on both the front and back-end, opting for what is best suited to a given problem, as opposed to what is most expedient. I pride myself on the ability to identify and understand a problem, and having the knowledge and resources to deliver a pragmatic and holistic solution.

Only when technology is invisible, is it of any use.
- Jonathan Barnbrook

Get in touch

I am available for tech consulting, public speaking, mentoring and education. Looking for help with your next project, or a panellist at your next event? Want to learn about technology or how to break into the industry?

The best way to contact me is via LinkedIn.

Outside of work

When I'm not coding, I enjoy playing football, cooking, travelling and going to concerts. Get me on Instagram for all that good stuff.

Also feel free to give me a follow on Medium, where I blog about coding from time to time.