This project was the first time listening data had been used to customise merchandise.


To celebrate the release of amo, the #1 album from Bring Me The Horizon, the band's label RCA Records UK came to 4th Floor Creative with a brief of allowing fans to buy merchandise that was customised to their level of fandom and the sonic aesthetic of the songs they listened to most from the album.


We teamed up with digital agency Phantom, who built the front-end of the site, where users are asked to login with their Spotify account, and select their 6 favourite tracks from the album.

Meanwhile, I worked closely with Lucy Ball (Director of Analytics, Sony Music UK) to come up with the business logic and fandom algorithm. The user's Spotify behaviours and listening history, along with the audio features of the 6 tracks they selected, are run through the algorithm and used to calculate which custom merchandise design is given to them.

The back-end processing was written in NodeJS, deployed as a serverless function in the cloud, and exposed to a REST API. This ensured we could appoint a first-class digital agency to build out the user experience, while keeping the business logic in-house.


  • Winner: Clio Awards, e-commerce category
  • 25k unique Spotify logins
  • 63.8% conversion rate
  • 60.6% user return rate
  • Press coverage from MusicWeek, NME, The Verge, AdWeek, Kerrang and others
  • Positive response from fans on socials, including this life-affirming Reddit post
  • I'm not allowed to give figures for the merch sales, but it was a LOT